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Looking to Purchase a Home This Year?

Are you looking to be a homeowner this year?!

Most of us put “own a home” on our 2021 vision board, but we don’t know how our finances are going to get us there. As a financial coach, my duty is to help you not only find ways to increase your income and pay off debt, but to also help you make great financial decisions for the long run!

There are many programs designed to help those that have little to no down payment, low interest rate, no credit check, and the list goes on. It’s all about research! If you don’t have a lot of money for a down payment and your credit isn’t the best, check out NACA. They do have strict guidelines but it’s a good option for those that want homeownership without all the extra fees, like closing costs and private mortgage insurance (PMI).

There’s also other programs as well with low or no down payment options like the FHA loan and VA loan.

Before you go sign your life away, make sure you’re really ready for a mortgage! Get your budget in order and make sure you can afford the house payment, insurance, and any miscellaneous items that need to be fixed or replaced. The better your credit score, the lower the interest rate. Shop around to get the lowest interest. Happy house hunting!

*C.B. Financial does not sell or endorse any products.*

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